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Word On Covid 19 & Nutrition

Our grateful thanks to Hilary Franklin for putting the support information below together and to Dr Anne Holdoway, for her contributiion to our on-air report - which you can hear again further down this page.   


Nutrition Resources

The Malnutrition Pathway has developed a number of patient materials for patients and carers to assist in their recovery from COVID-19 illness.

Their website (click here to visit) includes general advice on why nutrition is important to assist in recovery.

It also includes a resource finder to help you to find the correct nutrition advice for you depending on your appetite, weight loss and general overall health. 

There are 3 leaflets available

Green leaflet - ‘Eating Well During and After COVID-19 Illness’ Advice on eating a balanced diet to help maintain strength and fitness and fight infection 

Yellow leaflet - ‘Improving your Nutrition During and After COVID-19 Illness’ Advice for those with a poor appetite and/or recent unintentional weight loss, including tips to help get the most from their food.

Red leaflet - ‘Nutrition Support During and After COVID-19 Illness’ Advice for those who have been very unwell. Aimed at those who have recently been discharged from hospital after COVID-19 illness or who are struggling to eat enough and are underweight and/or have lost quite a bit of weight due to their illness. 

Physical Activity

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has produced a useful video and advice on how to add physical activity into your daily routine to assist in your recovery. Click here to view.  

This includes some strengthening exercises to help you keep as active as you can whilst helping you to regain strength and helping your lungs recover

NHS Your COVID Recovery Site

The NHS has launched a new site to help you to understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery - click here to visit the site  

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